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The success of any project is a team effort.  Our staff works closely

with our clients, designers, and subcontractors to find solutions to a myriad of construction challenges. 

We approach our clients’ needs

on an individual basis by adapting our services to their specific or unique requirements. 

Division II Construction is a full service General Contractor based in Tucson, Arizona.   We operate throughout the State of Arizona.

Division II offers a comprehensive range of construction related functions including:

Pre-Construction Services

We assist our clients during the conceptual stage of a project with budgeting, value engineering, and logistics and by providing constructability reviews.

General Contracting

Onsite management of a construction project is our forte.  Our field team includes experienced superintendents who diligently supervise the trades and are conscientious about jobsite safety.  They understand codes and best practices to insure quality construction.  The field superintendent and project manager work closely to assure project completion on schedule and within budget. 

Job Order Contracting &

Construction Manager at Risk

These delivery methods often combine Pre-Construction Services with General Contracting.  We work with a team of specialized subcontractors who are selected on the basis of competitive pricing and proven results.

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